What You Should Know About Online Car Buying

Online Car Buying - The trend was already on the rise and 2020 took the demand for online car buying to the next level.


The trend was already on the rise and 2020 took the demand for online car buying to the next level. From research and financing to purchasing, you can now purchase your next vehicle within the comfort of your own home. 

33 million people who don’t currently own a car are considering purchasing a vehicle. 60% of buyers are open to the idea of buying a vehicle online.


52% of car buyers don’t have a specific model in mind when beginning the search for a new automobile.  48% of people spend between 1 and 3 months considering and researching before making a purchase. 80% of people use the internet to do research before purchasing a new car.


Online Credit Approval & Co-Applicant Forms – Most dealership websites reside behind a  firewall and use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to protect and transmit your  personal data. Pre-Qualifying for a loan is important for a seamless car buying process. 

New Vehicle Loans have an average loan term of 72 months. Used Vehicle Loans have an average loan term of 65.3 months.  Used vehicle loans are typically $11,000 cheaper than new vehicle loans.


66% of buyers start undecided on where to buy. On average, buyers contact 3 dealerships and visit 2 dealerships. At home test drives can be delivered up to an average of 50 miles. 98% of people who had an at home test drive said they were helpful in the decision making process.


Best Priced Dealerships – Best Priced Dealerships take out the frustration and dissatisfaction of the car buying process. They believe in honesty and taking care of their guests. You get the best price whether you’re online or in-person, so there is no need for negotiating.  Online car buying allows you to sign paperwork at home, on your own time. Most dealerships will take a deposit to hold your vehicle until your paperwork is completed.

3 hours is the average time guests spend in-person at a dealership during the purchasing process. Over half the time is spent negotiating prices and doing paperwork. 45 minutes is the average time guests spend in-person at a Best Priced Dealership signing paperwork. Buy with confidence with 7 day money back guarantee and 30 day exchange offer.

Car buying is changing, and we believe for the best. Purchasing a vehicle online has never been easier. You already do all your research online and know exactly what you are looking for. Get answers to all your questions and communicate with the dealership through the entire car buying process without having to leave the comfort of your home!

Durango Motor Company Is Thankful!

We at Durango Motor Company know that our success is 100% due to our fantastic community. That’s why we put our guests first and make sure that you have the most comfortable, seamless experience possible when you visit our dealership. However, something that may not be known is that we sponsor over 80 non-profit and community groups donating over $70,000 annually. Instead of having large ad budgets, we reinvest that money back into the community. It’s hard to write about all 80 sponsorships, so here are some of our highlights from 2020!

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Winter Driving Checklist

Top 7 Tips To Prepare Your Vehicle For The Winter

Between unpredictable weather and road conditions, winter is always the sketchiest time of year to drive. There are way more accidents, and if you are driving through the Colorado mountains, there’s a chance that you can get stranded in the middle of a blizzard. So, just like you prep your wardrobe for winter, you need to prep your car. Here are the top 7 things that you need to do to winterize your vehicle this year.

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Buying the Perfect Kia

Here at Durango Motor Company we love Kia. Why? Because Kia can provide you with a vehicle for every stage of life. They are one of the world’s most versatile brands of cars. Kia will take you from the backroads of the New Mexico desert to the top of Colorado’s Red Mountain Pass. And with world-class safety ratings, they are as safe as they are adventurous. Essentially, you will dominate & control the road with confidence in a Kia. 

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Meet the Durango Motor Company Service Team

Who is the Service Team at Durango Motor Company?

Durango Motor Company in Durango Colorado is proud to serve Ford, Toyota, Kia, and all other drivers from all over the Four Corners region from Cortez, CO, Pagosa Springs, CO, and Farmington, NM.  Our team is dedicated to offering the best service. We are a part of your community and are here for you and all your car repair needs.

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