The Ford Mach-e: The Family Man’s Race Car

Now that the Ford Mach-e has been released we’ve had time to test it out and see what our guests think. Personally, we have to say, we’re impressed! When we first heard Ford was going electric, we weren’t sure what to think. It’s Ford’s first EV, so we assumed it may take them a year or two to get it right. But, we were wrong. This vehicle gives you what you want from providing a quiet, luxurious, ride to enough space to pack your camping gear or the kids’ soccer equipment.

Here’s our breakdown of the car that’s transforming the Ford brand in three key areas. The driving experience, maintenance/upkeep, and everyday life.

The Ford Mach-e Driving Experience

The Mach-e driving experience is nothing short of exceptional. The interior is modern and has enough room for all passengers to be comfortable. The different drive modes will make this SUV whatever you want at that moment. It can drive like a luxury automobile absorbing all the bumps in the road and running completely silent. Or you can switch to unbridled mode and turn a luxury ride into a hair-raising race car that’s capable of going 0-60 in 4.8 seconds. The Mach-e also grips the road making cornering exhilarating and a perfect ride to take on the paved high mountain passes. 

The Mach-e also comes with all cutting edge technological features. We drove it down Main Street in downtown Durango and used the park assist to squeeze into a tight parallel parking spot. Hands free and in two turns. The lane assist will also comfortably steer you back into the center of the lane if you start to veer out. 

To be noted, the infotainment system is incredibly easy to use. It lets you control all vehicle settings and pairs perfectly with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The infotainment system is supported by an awesome sound system that sounds crisp and clear while delivering more bass than most stock audio systems. 

The Ford Mach-e Maintenance

If you’re someone that forgets to get your oil changed or hates getting your car serviced, then this car is for you. Since it’s electric, the mechanics are simplified, reducing the needs for maintenance. Essentially, you’ll need to bring your vehicle in once a year or every 10,000 miles to get your brakes check and tires rotated. The onboard computer system also updates remotely, so you won’t have to take your vehicle in for service whenever there’s a software update.

Consumer Reports estimates that the average electric vehicles battery packs should last around 200,000 miles. Meaning you can typically drive your Mach-e for over 15 years before you encounter any substantial repair costs.

The Ford Mach-e In Everyday Life

The Mach-e performance & maintenance are huge pluses but, how does it hold up in everyday life? 

Well, the first thing to address is driving distance. With the extended-range battery you get up to 305 miles/charge. However, if you’re reading this, you likely live in Colorado. In which case, you’ll probably want to opt for the all-wheel drive version of the Mach-e to navigate our crazy winter weather. For full distance options see the table below.

Standard-Range BatteryExtended-Range Battery
Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD)230 Miles/Charge305 Miles/Charge
All-Wheel Drive (AWD)211 Miles/Charge270 Miles/Charge

In terms of charging convenience, there are nearly 100,000 public charging stations and charging outlets nationwide with 37 public charging station ports accessible in Durango. If you don’t want to “pony-up” for a home charging station or want to take a road trip, you have nothing to worry about. However, the only charging downside is the 45+ minute charge time to go from an empty battery to a full battery.

Along with an industry standard EV drive distance, the Ford Mach-e offers a plush leather interior, additional trunk space where the engine normally is, and a backseat that is easily big enough to fit two car seats. All of these features contribute to making the Mach-e a pleasure to drive and very practical for everyday life.

If you’re interested ordering the Ford Mustang Mach-e or learning more, please reach out. You can also view our current Mach-e inventory online.


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